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    BCS Digital Literacy for Life programme


    Person using a tabletThere is an unprecedented requirement for people of all ages to have digital literacy skills for a wide variety of reasons, including employment, active engagement in our digital world, but also to prevent a new form of modern illiteracy. More about digital literacy


    At BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT we recognise this and have developed a programme that will deliver digital literacy at all levels and at all stages of life. We have generated a lot of interest from a number of people within many organisations that want to work with us to deliver the programme.


    Key objectives

    The BCS Digital Literacy for Life programme has now been launched and has as its key objectives:


    • Putting digital literacy at the heart of government programmes and ensure it is considered in policy making eg. Government Digital Service (GDS) requires people to have digital literacy skills to access public services.
    • Bring together all the current digital literacy work and activity carried out across a number of organisations
    • Be the ‘natural home’ for digital literacy information in the UK (research, case studies, white papers, consultations etc.).
    • Influence and provide support for schools to deliver digital literacy
    • Provide an accepted definition for digital literacy
    • Build a network of partners and support structure for delivery of digital literacy

    Current activities

    Computer keyboard with a green 'Learn' key in place of the Enter keyThere is currently a lot of digital literacy activity being undertaken in the UK and there's never been a more opportune time or a greater need for digital literacy for education, employment or simply to enable citizens to engage in the digital world we live in. The BCS Digital Literacy for Life programme will deliver the message together as a strong alliance to government, educators and employers.

    Programme structure

    The BCS Digital Literacy for Life programme is proud to be working with a large number of individuals and organisations who share our passion to deliver and support the need for widely available digital skills. The programme also supports those who champion higher standards of digital literacy to enable greater access to public services, education and general engagement in our digital world.


    Resources that you may find useful when searching for information, looking for guidance, or details to help you deliver digital literacy. There is an increasing amount of information on digital literacy available and as part of the BCS Digital Literacy for Life programme we aim to provide as much of the relevant information as possible in one place in a easy to access format.